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Temporary foreign workers

A temporary foreign worker is a foreign citizen who is staying or wishes to stay in Québec temporarily to carry out work with a Québec employer under the Programme des travailleurs étrangers temporaires.

Temporary foreign workers have the same rights and obligations (in French only) with respect to work as all workers in Québec. An employer who hires temporary foreign workers also has the same rights and obligations (in French only) toward them as toward other employees. 

Are you a temporary foreign worker?

Visit our page I am a temporary foreign worker (in French only). You will find all the relevant information there to learn more about your rights and obligations with respect to work in Québec.

Temporary foreign worker recruitment agency

Documents that must be given to a temporary foreign worker

A temporary foreign worker recruitment agency or employer who hires a temporary foreign worker directly must provide the temporary foreign worker with:

  • a document that describes their working conditions and indicates the name and contact information of the client company 
  • the leaflet What you need to know about employment, provided by the CNESST, which explains workers’ rights and employers’ obligations with respect to work

What a temporary foreign worker may not be asked or required to do

An employer or temporary foreign worker recruitment agency ( in French only) is prohibited from:

  • asking a temporary foreign worker to entrust them with documents or personal property, such as their passport, work permit, telephone, etc.
  • requiring a temporary foreign worker to pay recruitment fees (except those authorized by a Canadian government program)


An employer who hires a temporary foreign worker must report it to the CNESST (in French only).

If they retain the services of a temporary foreign worker recruitment agency, they must ensure that it holds a valid licence (in French only) issued by the CNESST.

Labour standards

If you are a domestic worker, a babysitter, a care provider or a farm worker, special conditions apply to your situation.

Pay equity

Temporary foreign workers must be included when calculating the number of workers in the company that hires them and in its pay equity work (in French only), where applicable.

Occupational health and safety

Temporary foreign workers are protected by the Loi sur la santé et la sécurité du travail and covered by the Loi sur les accidents du travail et les maladies professionnelles in the event of a work accident or occupational disease

Laws and regulations

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