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National Holiday Act Chapter F-1.1

Chapter F-1.1

Section 2

Statutory public holiday 25th of June

The 24th of June is a statutory public holiday.

Where the date specified in the first paragraph falls on a Sunday and Sunday is not a regular working day for the employee, the 25th of June is a public holiday for the employee for the purposes of sections 4 to 6, which must then be read as though that day were substituted for the 24th of June.

1978, c. 5, s. 2; 1984, c. 27, s. 64; 1990, c. 73, s. 67; 2007, c. 4, s. 1.


June 24th is a statutory public holiday for all employees of Québec. Effective May 1, 2003, the only condition to benefit by this holiday is to be employed on the date of the holiday.

If June 24th falls on a Sunday, this day is a non-working day with pay for an employee for whom Sunday is ordinarily a working day. As for an employee for whom Sunday is not ordinarily a working day, June 25th becomes a non-working day with pay.

For the purposes of the application of section 2, when the paid leave is postponed to June 25th for the employee to whom this postponement applies, sections articles 4 to 6 of the National Holiday Act should be read by replacing June 24th with June 25th.

The provisions of section 56 ALS apply as June 24th is a statutory holiday.