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Act respecting labour standards Chapter IV - Larbour standards (Section 39.1 to 97)

Chapter IV - Larbour standards (Section 39.1 to 97)

Division VI.0.1 - Notice of collective (Section 84.0.1 to 84.0.15)

Section 84.0.9

Reclassification Assistance Committee 

At the request of the Minister, the employer and the certified association or, in the absence of such an association, the representatives chosen by the employees affected by the collective dismissal, must, without delay, participate in the establishment of a reclassification assistance committee and collaborate in carrying out the committee’s mission.


The committee shall consist of an equal number of representatives of each party or of the number of representatives agreed on by the parties. Each party has one vote only.

2002, c. 80, s. 49.