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Act respecting labour standards Chapter V - Recourses (Section 98 to 135)

Chapter V - Recourses (Section 98 to 135)

Division I - Civil recourses (Section 98 to 121)

Section 107

Refusal to inquire

Where the Commission refuses to proceed with an inquiry under section 106 or where it finds that the complaint is groundless, it shall give notice of its decision to the complainant by registered or certified mail, giving the reasons therefore and informing him of his right to apply for a review of the decision.


The Commission may decide to put an end to its inquiry if it ascertains that the complaint is unfounded, frivolous or made in bad faith. In this case, it notifies the employee of its motivated decision by registered mail. Moreover, the Commission must inform the complainant of his right to request a review of the decision.

The right to have a decision reviewed is provided under section 107.1 ALS.

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