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Who pays what for first aid in the workplace?


We provide financial assistance for training for workers in an establishment or a construction site based on a percentage that is established for the sector of activity. The subsidy is paid to the training provider in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

Percentage of the number of workers for whom training is paid

Establishments Mine (excluding quarries) Forestry (excluding sawmills) Silviculture Construction
5% 2% 20% 20% 10%

The number of subsidized first aid courses is valid for 3 years. If the CNESST has already paid for courses for your establishment in the last 3 years, this is considered in the calculation.  


For a company with 220 workers in one establishment, training will be subsidized for 11 first aiders.

5% x 220 workers = 11 workers 

If 2 workers in the company have a valid certificate, that is, they completed the course in the last 3 years, then training will be subsidized for 9 first aiders.

The employer

The employer covers the cost: 

  • of setting up and maintaining first aid services in each of their establishments 
  • associated with the absence of the worker who is taking the course 
  • of any travel expenses for the worker who is taking the course when it is given within a 40 km radius of their regular workplace 

For each of their establishments, if the number of workers taking the course is higher than the number of workers for whom training is subsidized, the provider will bill the employer for training after reaching an agreement with them.  

Laws and regulations

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