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Act respecting labour standards Chapter IV - Larbour standards (Section 39.1 to 97)

Chapter IV - Larbour standards (Section 39.1 to 97)

Division V.1 - Family or parental leave and absences (Section 79.7 to 81.17.6)

Section 81.14.1

Division of leave

At the request of the employee, a maternity, paternity or parental leave may be divided into weeks if the child is hospitalized or if the employee may be absent under section 79.1 or any of sections 79.8 to 79.12, and in the cases, on the conditions, for the duration and within the time prescribed in the by-law.


The employee has the right to request the division of the maternity leave, paternity leave or a parental leave.
The division of these leaves is possible in three cases:

  1. hospitalization of the employee’s child;
  2. employee’s absence owing to sickness or accident (s. 79.1 ALS);
  3. a close relative of the employee suffers a serious sickness or accident (s. 79.8);

Moreover, since December 18, 2007, the division of these leaves (maternity, paternity or parental) is also allowed in the cases caused by tragic events stipulated in the Act, namely when the employee is absent in the following cases:

  1. following a serious bodily injury to his minor child due to a criminal offence;
  2. following the disappearance of his minor child;
  3. following the suicide of his spouse or child;
  4. following the death of his spouse or his child due to a criminal offence.

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