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Act respecting labour standards Chapter IV - Larbour standards (Section 39.1 to 97)

Chapter IV - Larbour standards (Section 39.1 to 97)

Division VIII - Regulations (Section 88 to 92)

Section 88


The Government may make regulations exempting such category or categories of employees as it may designate from the whole or a part of the application of Division I of Chapter IV, for such time and on such conditions as it may fix, namely, managerial personnel, employees on commission, employees engaged in logging operations, saw mills and public works, caretakers, employees who receive gratuities or tips, employees contemplated by subparagraphs i, ii and iii of paragraph 10 of section 1, students employed in a vacation camp or in a social or community non-profit organization, such as a recreational organization, and trainees under a programme of vocational training or induction recognized by law.

(Paragraph repealed).

Different Standards

The Government may also, as the case may be, fix standards different from those provided in Division I of Chapter IV for the employees contemplated in the first paragraph.

1979, c. 45, a. 88; 1990, c. 73. a. 39; 2002, c. 80, s. 56.


This provision establishes the government’s power to make regulations exempting certain categories of workers from the whole or part of the application of the various provisions of the Act dealing with wages, taking into consideration the amendments made by the Act.

The provisions related to wages apply to the employees for as long as they are not excluded by such regulations.