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A domestic works in a person's home. This person is their employer. The employer pays wages in exchange for domestic duties.

In the course of their work, domestics may also be called upon to take care of or provide care to a child or a sick, disabled or elderly person, in addition to performing domestic duties in the employer's home.

The role of the domestic is different from that of a Personal caregivers.

At the time of hiring

As for all workers, it is recommended that working conditions be clearly established at the time of hiring.

Working conditions

The employer must offer the same working conditions (provided for under the Loi sur les normes du travail) to domestics as those of all workers.

They must therefore receive a wage equal to or higher than the minimum wage.

These people can also benefit from personal coverage (in French only) to be protected in the event of a work accident or occupational disease. This coverage is optional.

Domestics live in the employer’s home.

The employer may not demand a sum of money for room and board from domestics who live and take their meals in the employer’s home.

Complaints and recourses

Domestics who feel that their workplace rights have not been respected may file a complaint with the CNESST.

In the event of a complaint concerning dismissal without just and sufficient cause, if the case goes to the compensation corresponding to the wages and other benefits the person did not receive as a result of the dismissal.

Laws and regulations

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