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Different types of training periods

Trainees may complete different types of training periods.

A workplace observation period consists of accompanying a worker to observe them in the performance of their duties.

A work placement consists of carrying out a real work activity, such as producing or distributing a good or providing a service.

Trainees may also complete:
•    a teaching training period to complete a course or training in a teaching program
•    a training period to learn a new task in a job
•    a refresher training period to further knowledge related to a task in a job
•    a refresher training period to take up a new position in a job

These trainees are covered by all the legislation enforced by the CNESST and they are protected in the event of a work accident (in French only) during the training period, under certain conditions.


An employer may also require a worker to serve a probationary period at the beginning of a job. In this case, it is not a training period and the worker is covered by all the provisions of the Loi sur les normes du travail and must be paid at least at the minimum wage rate.

Laws and regulations

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