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For a Safe Maternity Experience Program

The objective of the For a Safe Maternity Experience Program (SMEP) is to allow a pregnant or breastfeeding worker to continue working when their work is physically dangerous for:

  • her unborn child's health
  • her breastfed child's health
  • herself because of her pregnancy

Under this program, the worker may be assigned to another position or other duties that do not involve hazards and that she is reasonably able to perform. If reassignment is not possible, the worker may be entitled to preventive withdrawal.

Several people have a role to play so that the worker can work safely during her pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Find out about each person's roles:

Eligibility requirements for the SMEP

  • Be pregnant or be breastfeeding
  • Be a worker within the meaning of the Loi sur la santé et la sécurité du travail
  • Be exposed to the hazards identified in the Reassignment or preventive withdrawal certificate for a pregnant or breastfeeding worker
  • Be fit to work
  • Be available for a reassignment
  • Have given the certificate to the employer

Who is not eligible for the program

The CNESST determines the worker's eligibility for the For a Safe Maternity Experience Program.

Laws and regulations

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