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Special status

Learn more about the conditions that apply to the workers who have a special status.

Some provisions that apply to clothing industry workers are different from those that apply to other workers.
Volunteers may experience situations that put their health and safety at risk. However, they are not always protected in the event of an accident.
Domestic workers are covered by the CNESST under certain conditions.
Personal caregivers are workers whose sole function is to take care of or provide care to a person in the person’s home.
A worker may be absent from work to fulfil obligations as a Natural caregiver.
Special working conditions apply to farm work.
The personnel placement agency must comply with all the working conditions provided for in the legislation enforced by the CNESST.
Trainees are protected by the CNESST, but some specific provisions apply.
Seasonal workers are employed at certain times of the year. Some have special working conditions.
Students who work at a summer camp are covered by the Loi sur les normes du travail, but certain exceptions apply.
The CNESST protects the majority of workers in Québec. However, some workers are excluded from this protection.
Senior managers do not have the same rights and recourses as other workers.
La plupart des courtières et courtiers immobiliers sont protégés en cas d’accident du travail ou de maladie professionnelle.