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For a Safe Maternity Experience Program

Pregnant or breastfeeding workers can apply for the For a Safe Maternity Experience Program if their job involves physical hazards to their health or that of their child.

The program

The objective of the program is to allow pregnant or breastfeeding workers whose work involves physical hazards to their health or that of their child to continue to work. These workers may be assigned to another position or other duties or, if this is not possible, be entitled to preventive withdrawal.

Eligibility requirements

The program is intended for pregnant or breastfeeding workers who:

  • have a job that involves physical hazards to themselves or to the child they are carrying or breastfeeding
  • are fit for work
  • are available for assignment to other duties

To apply for the program, the worker must give her “Certificat visant le retrait préventif et l'affectation de la travailleuse enceinte ou qui allaite” to her employer.

A copy of the certificate is sent to the CNESST. The CNESST determines whether a worker is eligible for the program based on the information on the certificate. It transmits its decision by means of a written notice.

Who is not eligible?

  • Self-employed worker whose business is not a legal entity
  • Worker employed outside Québec even if her place of residence is in Québec
  • Worker employed by an employer who does not have an establishment in Québec
  • Worker covered by the Kahnawà:ke Plan
  • Worker employed by a company under federal jurisdiction
  • Student intern
  • Volunteer
  • Person who works in a Government of Quebec or Government of Canada program and who is not considered a worker under the Loi sur la santé et la sécurité du travail 

Roles and responsibilities

Various people are involved when a pregnant or breastfeeding worker wants to apply for the program. Whether it is the worker, her employer or the physicians consulted, all have an important role to play.

Learn about the worker's role and responsibilities
Learn about the employer’s role and responsibilities
Learn about the role and responsibilities of the physician(s) consulted

Laws and regulations

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