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The consequences of psychological or sexual harassment

On individuals

The consequences of psychological or sexual harassment on individuals can be serious. The person who is being harassed is not the only person affected. Their family and friends and people who witness the situation also suffer and feel the repercussions. Even the harasser may find the situation difficult. 

If psychological or sexual harassment is not dealt with properly, the possible consequences include: 

  • physical or psychological health problems, such as anxiety, difficulty coping, depression 
  • substance use problems, alcoholism or drug dependence 
  • professional difficulties, even job loss 
  • major financial losses 
  • family or relationship difficulties 
  • absences from work and disabilities 

On companies

Harassment can also affect the organization as a whole. For the company, the possible consequences include: 

  • decreased productivity 
  • decreased interest and involvement of staff members in their work 
  • decreased quality of services 
  • increased risk of errors 
  • increased absenteeism or staff turnover 

The consequences of psychological or sexual harassment are long lasting. Often, they do not stop when the harassment stops, but only when a healthy work environment is restored in the company. 

Laws and regulations

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