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Workers who suffer an employment injury may receive compensation from the CNESST.

The CNESST pays an income replacement indemnity to workers who are unable to work.
When a worker is absent for fewer than 14 days because of an employment injury, the employer must pay them 90% of their net income.
The CNESST pays compensation for bodily injury to workers who suffer a permanent physical or psychological impairment.
Following an employment injury, after the period provided for the worker to exercise their right to return to work has expired, the CNESST may assume the employer's share of the retirement plan contributions.
The CNESST pays benefits to the spouses and children of workers who die as a result of an employment injury.
The CNESST produces RL-5 and T5007 tax slips, among other things, if you have received compensation or made reimbursements to the CNESST.