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How to file a complaint

You may file your complaint with the CNESST if you:

  • believe that the legislation enforced by the CNESST or your rights are not respected in your workplace
  • are not satisfied with the services offered or provided by the CNESST
  • would like to contest a temporary assignment or a CNESST decision
  • would like to contest a contracting process
  • want to report a hazardous health and safety situation

The procedure is different to contest a temporary assignment or a CNESST decision, for complaints about the contracting process or health and safety complaints. To find out more, go to the Situations where there are grounds for filing a complaint page.

Before you file a complaint

Take the time to learn about the situations where there are grounds for filing a complaint and the different reasons for complaints and recourses. Write down any information you consider necessary before filing your complaint. Keep this information so that you can explain exactly what your complaint is about.

If you are thinking of filing a complaint against your employer, ask to meet with them first to clarify the situation and, as far as possible, try to solve the problem. This approach often resolves the disagreement and means that you won't need to file a complaint with the CNESST. It's in your interest and in your employer's interest.

If this approach does not work, file a complaint as soon as possible.

File a complaint


The service is not intended for the following situations:

  • To find out the amount of benefits you could receive from your employer
  • To make sure that your complaint will be accepted and handled by the CNESST
  • To make sure that the CNESST will render a decision in your favour

Make sure that you comply with the time limits provided for by law

We recommend that you file your complaint as soon as possible so that you don't lose your rights. The time limit for filing a complaint varies depending on the reason for your complaint.

If your complaint is admissible

Once you have made sure that your complaint is admissible, you can complete the form you will be given. Depending on what type of complaint it is, you will have to complete a PDF or online form.

To make it easier to file a labour standards complaint, make sure you have the documents you may want to attach or that could help you answer some questions, for example:

  • Pay slip
  • Work schedule or details of your hours worked
  • Record of employment or tax slip (T4 or R1)
  • Any other documents you consider necessary

If you are unable to complete your complaint, please contact us.

Your complaint is officially filed

The complaint will be officially filed once you have completed all the steps.

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