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Pay equity audit program

The CNESST has an audit program to ensure that companies fulfil their pay equity obligations (in French only). Any company can be selected for an audit. 

Elements audited

We analyze several elements during an audit, in particular: 

Audit procedure

  1. First, we inform you that an audit file is being opened. 
  2. We ask you questions to determine if you have fulfilled your obligations. You may have to submit documents.
    1. If you have fulfilled your obligations, the audit file is closed and we will notify you accordingly.
    2. If you have not fulfilled your obligations and corrective measures must be applied, we will notify you accordingly. You are given time to comply.
  3. If you do not take the necessary steps to comply, your file is submitted to the vice-chair of pay equity and the commissioners for a decision.
  4. The CNESST then ensures that you apply the measures determined in the decision. 

A company that does not fulfil its obligations: 

  • must comply with the decision rendered by the CNESST
  • will have its name published on the CNESST's website  in the list of offending employers
  • is liable to criminal proceedings resulting in a fine of $1,000 to $45,000. 

Laws and regulations

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