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The CNESST proposes a toolkit to guarantee that op​erations can resume or continue under the safest and healthiest possible conditions in the context of COVID‑19. It is addressed to employers and workers in all economic sectors to support them in their management of health and safety.

A generic prevention guide and interactive and printable quick references are offered for all work environments. A poster serving as a reminder of the preventive measures for workers’ health in the context of COVID‑19 is also available.

The proposed measures must be adapted by the different sectors to their specific conditions to guarantee that operations can resume or continue under the safest and healthiest possible conditions. Special tools for certain economic sectors are also available.

The tools presented are scalable. Consult this page regularly for new information.

It is important for workers, employers and other players in the workplace to co​operate to have healthy and safe work environments for all! Dialogue and cooperation are essential to achieve this.

icône Guide​

Workplace Sanitary Standards Guide – COVID‑19

icône Quick reference for all sectors

Reopening the Work Environment
Exclusion from the Workplace (isolation of workers)
Physical Distancing in the Work Environment
Work-Related Psychosocial Risks
Measures Implemented by the Employer in the Context of COVID‑19
New Workers and Organizational Changes

icon Poster for all workplaces

CORONAVIRUS (COVID‑19) Preventive measures for workers

See the poster

Additional tools​ for sectors​​​​

Camping iconAccomodation and Camping – COVID‑19
Agricultural iconAgricultural Sector – COVID‑19
Audio visual Production icon.Audiovisual Production Sector – COVID‑19
A, B, C blocks iconChildcare Sector – COVID‑19
Construction hat icon Construction Sector – COVID‑19
Icône d'autobusDay Camp Sector – COVID‑19
Dental icon Dental Sector – COVID‑19
Forest Management Sector icon.​ Forest Management Sector – COVID‑19
Higher Education System icon.​ Higher Education System Sector – COVID‑19
Teddybear iconHome Childcare Sector – COVID‑19
Running shoe iconIndoor and Outdoor Sports, Recreation and Open Air Activities Sector – COVID‑19
iconManufacturing Sector – COVID‑19

Mining hat iconMining industry – COVID‑19
icône Musées et bibliothèques. Museum Institutions and Libraries – COVID‑19
Performing Acts Sector, Performance Halls and Movie Theatres icon. Performing Acts Sector, Performance Halls and Movie Theatres – COVID‑19
Personal Care icon. Personal Care and Esthetic Services Sector – COVID‑19

Icon Public and Private Eldercare Facilities.Public and Private Eldercare Facilities Sector – COVID‑19
Icône d'autobusPublic Transportation Sector – COVID‑19
icon Qualifying training environments Sector. Qualifying training environments - COVID‑19
icône Québec Intercity Bus Transportation Sector - COVID‑19
icon Restaurant Sector. Restaurant and Bar Sectors – COVID‑19
icon Retail and Shopping Centre Sector – COVID‑19
Backpack iconSchool Environment – COVID‑19

School system icon. School System (Preschool, Elementary, Secondary, General Adult Education and Vocational Training) Sector – COVID‑19
Therapeutic Care icon. Therapeutic Care Sector – COVID‑19
icon Wholesale Sector. Wholesale Sector – COVID‑19
​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​