Toolkit for the Therapeutic Sector.

The purpose of these tools is to support the Therapeutic Care Sector for management of OHS in the work environment.

A workplace sanitary standards guide for the Therapeutic Care Sector – COVID‑19 is presented, accompanied by a daily checklist and a poster presenting the preventive measures for the Therapeutic Care Sector.

In addition to these tools, a generic guide and quick references for all economic sectors are available.

It is important for workers, employers and other players in the workplace to cooperate to have healthy and safe work environments for all! Dialogue and cooperation are essential to achieve this.

La CNESST vous rappelle que selon la Charte de la langue française, les entreprises établies au Québec doivent utiliser le français dans leurs activités et communiquer dans cette langue avec leurs travailleurs et leurs clientèles. Nous vous invitons à utiliser les versions françaises des communications disponibles dans cette section.

CNESST reminds you that according to the Charter of the French Language, companies established in Quebec must use French in their activities and communicate in this language with their workers and customers. We invite you to use the French versions of the communications available in this section.

*L’affiche en français doit obligatoirement avoir prédominance sur l’affiche en anglais. La version traduite de l’affiche doit être apposée à côté de celle en français.

*The poster in French must have predominance over the poster in English. The translated version of the poster must be posted next to the French version.

Important Tools