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Legal obligations of employers and workers

Legal obligations of employers and workers on a construction site

Refusal to work/ Preventive withdrawal (exposure to a contaminant)


Protection for a worker whose spouse or dependent is a carrier of a condition at risk of complications from COVID-19


Protective equipment


COVID-19 kit


First aid in the workplace

Protection for workers who exhibit special or personal conditions (health, safety and labour standards aspects)

Volunteer workers

Temporary foreign workers section

Labour standards section

Compensation section

Eligibility for and entitlement to indemnities

For a Safe Maternity Experience Program (FSMEP)

Workers on reassignment

Workers on preventive withdrawal


FSMEP – Miscellaneous​ questions

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Miscellaneous​ medical care

Medical assessments and examinations requested by the CNESST

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Temporary reassignment

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Insurance premium


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