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Find information about labour standards, pay equity or occupational health and safety


Do you experience any of the following situations?

Have you been injured while carrying out your tasks or have you developed an occupational disease at work? We can answer your questions to help you recover and return to work safely.

Douleur à l'épaule lors du travail à l'ordinateur
The CNESST wants to remind that it is important to become familiar with sanitary measures, share them with others and follow them to the letter to help protect everyone’s health and safety.
The birth of a child is a happy time in life. This moment can also lead you to ask yourself a lot of questions.
Femme enceinte près d'une fenêtre

To better understand your approaches with the CNESST


Employers, you have responsibilities and obligations towards the CNESST and towards your workers. Learn more about your obligations and responsibilities as well as the steps to be taken with the CNESST.

Consult procedures and forms for employers (French only)


Suppliers, access our forms and do your various procedures with the CNESST.

Consult procedures and forms for suppliers (French only)

Health professionals

Health professionals, find out about your roles and responsibilities, pricing, billing and the provision of care or orthotics and prosthetics as providers for the CNESST in the event of work accidents or occupational diseases.

Consult procedures and forms for health professionals

To better understand your dealings with the CNESST


Customer service

We make every effort to serve you better and offer you high quality labor services. Do not hesitate to contact us.