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Pay slip

At each pay, an employer must give workers a statement of earnings, commonly referred to as a pay slip.

The pay slip allows the worker to verify the calculation of their wages and deductions. It must include all the relevant information, such as: 

  • the employer’s name 
  • the worker’s name  
  • the job title 
  • the work period the payment is for 
  • the date of the payment 
  • the number of hours paid at the regular rate 
  • the number of hours of overtime paid or replaced by leave, with the applicable rate 
  • the nature and amount of the bonuses, indemnities, allowances or commissions paid 
  • the wage rate 
  • the amount of gross wages 
  • the nature and amount of the deductions made 
  • the amount of net wages paid to the worker  
  • the amount of tips reported by the worker or attributed to them by the employer 

We have developed a tool that you can use to create a sample pay slip. After you complete a questionnaire, you will be given a personalized pay slip.

Laws and regulations

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