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Meal and accommodation costs

Meal and accommodation costs may be deducted from a worker’s pay if their working conditions require their employer to provide meals and accommodation or to ensure that accommodation is provided to the worker.  

At this time, the maximum amount that may be deducted is: 

  • $2.29 per meal, up to a maximum of $29.89 per week 
  • $28.74 per week for a room 
  • $34.50 per week for a dwelling where the room can accommodate 5 or more workers 
  • $51.71 per week for a dwelling where the room can accommodate 4 or fewer workers 

These rates came into effect on May 1, 2021. To deduct these amounts, the employer is not required to obtain the worker’s written authorization. 

Each worker who is provided with a room in a dwelling must have a bed and a chest of drawers as well as access to a toilet and a shower or bath.  

A worker who is provided with a dwelling that has at least one room must also have access to at least a washer and dryer as well as to a kitchen with a refrigerator, a stove and a microwave oven.  

No other accommodation costs, such as the cost of access to a living room or an additional room, may be deducted. 

Special provision for domestics

An employer may not require payment for room and board from a domestic who lives or takes their meals in the employer’s home.

Laws and regulations

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