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Victims of domestic or sexual violence

Workers who must be absent from work as a result of domestic or sexual violence are entitled to an unpaid absence of up to 26 weeks over a 12-month period. During their absence, their employment relationship is protected.

Days of absence with pay

After 3 months of uninterrupted service with their employer, the worker could be entitled to 2 days of absence with pay unless these days have been used during the year for the following reasons:

Notice to the employer

A worker who is absent from work as a result of domestic or sexual violence must notify their employer as soon as possible and state the reason for their absence. Under certain circumstances, the employer may request a document justifying the worker’s absence.

Return to work

The worker's regular position and benefits are protected for the duration of their absence following domestic or sexual violence.

When the worker returns to work, the employer must reinstate them in their regular position and give them the wages they would have been entitled to had they remained at work.

Laws and regulations

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