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If you are visiting this page after a relative’s death, we understand that this is a difficult time for you.

Workers may be absent from work in the event of a relative’s death. While they are absent, their employment relationship is protected.

Death or funeral of a relative

A worker is entitled to 5 days off, including 2 with pay, for the death or funeral of: 

  • their spouse 
  • their child 
  • their spouse’s child 
  • their mother or father 
  • their brother or sister 

They may also be absent from work for 1 day without pay for the death or funeral of:

  • their son-in-law or daughter-in-law 
  • one of their grandparents 
  • one of their grandchildren 
  • one of their parents-in-law (their spouse’s mother or father) 
  • their brother-in-law or sister-in-law (their spouse’s brother or sister)

The days off must be taken between the death and the funeral. This means that some days could be taken at the time of death and, after the worker has returned to work, other days could be taken for the funeral.

Death of a minor child

A worker may be absent from work without pay for up to 104 weeks following the death of their minor child.

End of paternity, parental or adoption benefits upon the death of a child

In case of the death of a child for whom the parent is eligible to paternity, parental or adoption benefits, the benefits will be paid up to the end of the second week after the week of the death, if the maximum number of benefits and the benefit period have not been reached. 

Laws and regulations

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