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Special maternity leave

In the event of a high-risk pregnancy that requires leave, pregnant workers may be entitled to special maternity leave. This leave is unpaid.

Special maternity leave is granted for medical reasons related to the course of the pregnancy, for example if there is a risk of termination of pregnancy or a risk to the health of the mother or that of her unborn child.


If it is the work that poses a risk to the worker or her unborn child, she could apply for the For a Safe Maternity Experience Program.

Informing the employer

The worker must inform her employer as soon as possible. She must give her employer a medical certificate attesting to the risk. The medical certificate must also indicate the length of the leave and the expected date of delivery.

Length of leave

The worker may be on special maternity leave until 4 weeks before the expected date of delivery. In this case, if she has not returned to work, she may begin her maternity leave.

Laws and regulations

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