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Five-day leave

Both parents (biological or adoptive) may be absent from work for 5 days, the first 2 days of which are paid, for:

They may take this leave regardless of the length of their uninterrupted service with their employer.

If the mother is already on maternity leave or the father on paternity leave, they are not entitled to this leave.


Carolanne's due date is October 23. She had planned to start her maternity leave on October 9, 2 weeks before her due date. However, she gives birth earlier than expected, on September 30.

Carolanne is therefore entitled to the 5 days of leave, the first 2 days of which are paid, since she was not already on maternity leave. In this case, her maternity leave will begin the week after her delivery.

This leave can be added to other leaves related to the birth or adoption of a child. It must be taken within 15 days of the child’s arrival in the home or the termination of pregnancy.

At the request of the father or mother, this leave may be divided into days. It can also be divided into hours if the employer agrees.

Informing the employer

The worker must inform their employer in writing of their absence as soon as possible.

Laws and regulations

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