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Parental leave is provided for workers who adopt a child so that they can take time to welcome the child.

Five-day leave for adoption

When a child is adopted, both adoptive parents are entitled to 5 days leave regardless of the length of their uninterrupted service with their employer. The first 2 days are paid. A person who adopts their spouse’s child is also entitled to this leave.  

Parental leave

Each parent who adopts a child is entitled to a parental leave. Parental leave may begin, at the earliest, the week in which the child is entrusted to the adoptive parents or when the parents leave work to travel outside Québec to pick up their child.

In the case of an adoption, the child’s age does not affect the right to parental leave.


Stéphane adopts the 20-year-old son of his wife, Christine. Stéphane is entitled to parental leave even if the child he adopts is 20 years old when he is adopted.

In the case of a same-sex couple, both parents are entitled to parental leave if the relationship between the child and their fathers or mothers was established at the time of the adoption judgment.

Family or parental obligations

Parents who adopt a child also have the right to take time off work to fulfil family or parental obligations, such as when their child is sick.

Laws and regulations

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