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Employers have a duty to prevent psychological or sexual harassment in their company.


List of types of leave that can be granted to workers.


Parents of a newborn or a person who adopts a child are entitled to parental leave without pay of up to 65 weeks.


In order to care for her unborn child, a pregnant worker is entitled to maternity leave without pay for 18 consecutive weeks.


Upon the birth of his child, a worker is entitled to 5 consecutive weeks of paternity leave without pay.


Both parents (biological or adoptive) may be absent from work for 5 days, the first 2 days of which are paid, for the birth or adoption of a child.


In the event of a high-risk pregnancy that requires leave, a pregnant worker may be entitled to special maternity leave.


Reservists may be absent from work, without pay, to conduct operations in Canada or abroad.


​This publication describes the CNESST’s rate structure, explains how the average premium rate is established and describes the CNESST’s role in occupational health and safety matters.​