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Relapse, recurrence or aggravation of an employment injury

A relapse, recurrence or aggravation of an employment injury occurs when the injury reappears or worsens after it has consolidated (healed or stabilized). If you have had a work accident or an occupational disease, this can happen to you.

What is meant by a relapse, a recurrence and an aggravation?

  • A relapse is the return, the reappearance of the symptoms of an injury that was in the process of healing.
  • A recurrence is the reappearance of an injury after a more or less long period of recovery.
  • An aggravation is an increase in the severity of an injury or its effects.

Admissibility of a relapse, recurrence or aggravation

The CNESST determines whether the employment injury is a relapse, a recurrence or an aggravation. To be admissible, you must show that after a past injury or illness had consolidated (healed or stabilized), there:

  • has been an objective change in your medical condition since the injury healed or stabilized
  • is something new in terms of treatment, prescribed or administered, that is likely to improve your health

If you think you have had a relapse, a recurrence or an aggravation of an employment injury, you must consult your treating healthcare professional to obtain a medical certificate. You must fill out a Worker's claim form and send it to the CNESST, with the medical certificate. You must fill out a new claim even if you had already filled one out when your work accident occurred or your occupational disease first appeared.

Online service for workers

La Réclamation du travailleur (Worker's claim) is a service available from MonEspace CNESST that allows you to claim compensation or reimbursement. By using this service, your file can be processed more quickly.

The CNESST will inform you by email of the status of your file. You will be asked to consult messages and documents placed in this secure space.

Fill in the Worker’s claim

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