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How to manage occupational health and safety in your company

Taking charge of occupational health and safety means managing health and safety to make workplaces safe for workers. Occupational health and safety management is essential because, among other things, it makes it possible to eliminate the hazards that cause work accidents and occupational diseases while promoting worker participation.

How is your company doing in terms of management?

In order to know where your company stands today in terms of occupational health and safety management, it is essential to get a clear picture of the current situation.

The CNESST provides a diagnostic tool that you can use to take stock of the situation in your workplace based on the 5 winning conditions. You can then use this tool to do an annual diagnosis, track your progress, set new goals based on the results and share them with your staff.


The diagnostic tool is not suitable for construction sites.

In order to make an optimal diagnosis, it is important that the employer, the workers, their representatives or the health and safety committee work together in this process.

This allows workers to participate in the search for appropriate solutions and to fully adhere to safe work methods in addition to being made more aware of health and safety in their workplace.

You can use this picture of the situation in your workplace as a starting point for establishing a prevention program.

Benefits of occupational health and safety management

In addition to promoting the health and safety of workers, taking charge of occupational health and safety brings many benefits, such as

  • improving:
    • the company’s productivity
    • product quality
  • disseminating a positive brand image
  • reducing:
    • absenteeism
    • costs
    • the employer's premium rate
  • mobilizing workers

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