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Providers and instructors


We have training providers (in French only) in every administrative region in Québec. Each provider is responsible for training in the regions they are assigned in the contract with the CNESST. 

How do you become a provider?

You must respond to a request for qualifications on the SEAO site to apply to have your file examined. When a provider obtains a contract with the CNESST, they can then hire a CNESST-certified instructor.  

Next request for qualifications

The next request for qualifications should be in fall 2021. Stay tuned!


Instructors who are certified by the CNESST to provide the first aid in the workplace course specialize in teaching first aid to adults. They may only work for service providers that have a contract with the CNESST. Instructors may not work for themselves and offer their services to employers in Québec.

Requirements to become an instructor

In addition to basic first aid, candidates must have a thorough knowledge of the material in the Secourisme en milieu de travail, the Guide pratique du secouriste en milieu de travail – protocoles d’intervention and the Guide pédagogique du formateur. They must also:

  • be 18 years of age or older 
  • have more than one year of experience in first aid  
  • have a valid basic life support (BLS) instructor card from one of these national agencies: 
    • St. John Ambulance: General First Aid Instructor
    • Canadian Red Cross: First Aid Instructor
    • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada: First Aid Instructor
    • Lifesaving Society: First Aid Instructor
  • have a qualification as a first responder or the equivalent 
  • pass the CNESST instructor’s examination 
  • meet the criteria on the CNESST’s supervision assessment checklist
  • be sponsored by a provider  

How to register for the instructors examination 

To register for the CNESST’s instructors examination, you must send us a completed and signed Demande d’inscription à l’examen (in French only) along with the following documents:

  • a copy of your last diploma that is recognized in Québec, if applicable
  • a copy of the certificate showing that you completed the first responder training course – 60 hours (or the equivalent) 
  • a copy of your curriculum vitae (CV) 
  • a certified cheque or postal money order or bank money order for $50 payable to the CNESST 
  • a letter from the provider certifying that they are sponsoring you 

The documents must be sent to the attention of the regional officer in charge of the First Aid in the Workplace Program in your region before the registration deadline.  

The examination is held twice a year. In 2021, the exams should be in February and in June.

Laws and regulations

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