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Preventive measures by alert level

The CNESST has adapted the preventive measures implemented in the workplace based on the Government of Quebec's alert levels (colour system). These preventive measures ensure that activities in the workplace are carried out in conditions that are adapted to the situation, while remaining as safe and healthy as possible.


These adjustments do not apply to care settings and living environments (seniors’ residences, prisons, youth centres, etc.) when there are individuals carrying the COVID‑19 virus, showing symptoms compatible with COVID‑19 or having had contact with a confirmed case. For more information, see the decision-making tool.

Workplaces where there is an outbreak of COVID‑19 must comply with the measures recommended by the public health authorities at all times.

A summary table of the various adjustments that apply in green zones

Green alert level

Gradual return

  • Telework, gradual return to the workplace


  • Use of a quality mask at all times, both indoors and outdoors, and compliance with physical distancing measures unless there is a physical barrier in place. Masks are mandatory if physical distancing is impossible or if there is no physical barrier in place.


  • Protective eyewear (unless required by another regulation)
  • Cleaning of shared tools and equipment


  • Exclusion of symptomatic people
  • Observance of minimum physical distancing:
    • indoors: 2 metres, or use of a physical barrier or quality mask
    • outdoors: 1 metre, or use of a physical barrier or quality mask
  • If a physical barrier is installed, or if quality masks are used, it is not necessary to reduce the occupation rate during worker’s transit (in a car, truck, bus, airplane, elevator)
  • Hand hygiene
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces (according to the rules in place)

Laws and regulations

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