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Clothing industry workers

Specific provisions apply to clothing industry workers. The clothing industry refers to the women’s and men’s clothing industry, the men’s and boys’ shirt industry and the leather glove industry.

Staff in clothing stores are not part of the clothing industry.  

Specific provisions for clothing industry workers

Minimum wage

The current minimum wage rate for clothing industry workers is $14.25 an hour. This rate came into effect on May 1, 2020.


Length of vacation and vacation indemnities are different from those of other workers. They are calculated as follows:

Length of vacation and indemnity amount

Uninterrupted service at the end of the reference year Length of vacation Indemnity
Less than one year 1 day per full month of uninterrupted service, not exceeding 2 weeks 4% of the gross annual wages earned during the reference year
1 year to 3 years less 1 day 3 weeks, including 2 consecutive weeks  6% of the gross annual wages earned during the reference year
3 years or more 4 weeks, including 3 consecutive weeks  8%  of the gross annual wages earned during the reference year

Statutory holidays

Clothing industry workers are also entitled to the following days off in addition to the statutory holidays already provided for:

  • January 2
  • Good Friday and Easter Monday

Standard work week

For clothing industry workers, a standardwork week is 39 hours. After 39 hours, overtime begins.

Death or suicide of a loved one

In the event of the death or suicide of a loved one, a clothing industry worker is entitled to 5 days off, including 3 days with pay, for the death or funeral of: 

  • their spouse
  • their child
  • the child of their spouse
  • their mother or father
  • their brother or sister

They are also entitled to 1 day off with pay for the death or funeral of: 

  • their grandparents 
  • their parents-in-law (mother or father of their spouse) 

They may also be absent from work for 1 day without pay for the death or funeral of: 

  • their son-in-law or daughter-in-law 
  • one of their grandchildren 
  • their brother-in-law or sister-in-law (brother or sister of their spouse)  

While they are absent, their employment relationship is protected. 

Laws and regulations

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